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          As the name implies, access control system is a system that controls access. It is developed on the basis of traditional door locks. Traditional mechanical door lock is only a simple mechanical device. No matter how reasonable the structure design and material are, people can always open it by various means. The key management of access channels (such as offices and hotel rooms) with a large number of visitors is very troublesome. If the key is lost or personnel are replaced, the lock and key should be replaced together. In order to solve these problems, there are electronic magnetic lock and electronic password lock. The emergence of these two kinds of locks improves the management of access channels to a certain extent, and makes the channel management enter the electronic age. But with the continuous application of these two kinds of electronic locks, their own defects are gradually exposed, magnetic lock. The problem is that the information is easy to copy, the wear and tear between the card and the reader is large, the failure rate is high, and the safety factor is low. The problem with password locks is that passwords are easy to leak, and there is no way to find them out. The security factor is very low. At the same time, most of the products in this period were installed outside the door with the card reading part (password input) and the control part, so it was easy to be unlocked outdoors. In this period, the access control system still stayed in the early immature stage, so the access control system at that time was usually called electronic lock, and was not widely used.
          In recent years, with the development of induction card technology and biometric identification technology, access control system has been developed by leaps and bounds. It has entered a mature stage. There are many kinds of technology systems, such as induction card access control system, fingerprint access control system, iris access control system, face recognition access control system, disordered keyboard access control system, etc. They are in security. Full, convenient, easy to manage and other aspects have their own strengths, access control system applications are more and more widely.


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