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          伸縮門(Retractable door),就是門體可以伸縮自由移動,來控制門洞大小、來控制行人或車輛的攔截和放行的一種門。伸縮門主要由門體、驅動電機,滑道、控制系統構成。門體采用優質不銹鋼及鋁合金專用型材制作,采用平行四邊形原理鉸接,伸縮靈活行程大。驅動器采用特種電機驅動,蝸桿蝸輪減速,并設有自動離合或手動離合器,自動離合停電時可自動啟閉,手動離合停電時可手動啟閉,控制系統有控制板,按鈕開關,另可根據需求配備無線遙控裝置。
          Retractable door is a kind of door whose body can move freely and flexibly to control the size of the door and the interception and release of pedestrians or vehicles. The telescopic door is mainly composed of a door body, a driving motor, a slideway and a control system. The door body is made of high quality stainless steel and aluminium alloy profiles. It is articulated by the principle of parallelogram. It has flexible expansion and large travel. Drivers are driven by special motors, worm and worm gears are decelerated, and there are automatic clutches or manual clutches. When automatic clutches are cut off, automatic clutches can be opened and closed automatically. When manual clutches are cut off, manual clutches can be opened and closed. The control system has control panels and button switches. In addition, wireless remote control devices can be equipped according to requirements.
          It can be equipped with a rolling display screen to display 300-500 words of display content. It can also be equipped with an anti-collision device of intelligent infrared probe, which can automatically return to operation when meeting people or foreign bodies for 20-30CM, thus ensuring the safety of vehicles and pedestrians.


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